Bichat's fat pad or adipose body of the cheek – is the accumulation of fatty tissue in a very specific anatomical region, which gives the cheeks more or less.

Thus, when the Bichat's fat pad developed excessively, the face looks round and chubby, which in turn gives a feeling of excess weight. When performing this operation improves the General external perception of a person, it visually seems elongated and acquires a right triangular features. It should be noted that a Bichat's fat pad removed in adulthood, it assumes no function, and can be removed without harm to the body. Besides, it is a method of preventing the drooping soft tissues of the face is one of the mechanisms of aging. The procedure includes making incision 1-1,5 cm through the gums in the area of the molars – which throught Bichat's fat pads are removed .


  • Bichat's fat pad removal can be performed under general (often in combination with other operations) and under local anesthesia.
  • Duration of surgery: 20 min – 30min.
  • Stay in hospital: outpatient.


  • It is recommend to stay in hospital during a few hours after surgery.
  • The sutures are absorbable and do not need to be removed.
  • Oedema will will pass within 1.5-2 weeks.
  • During rehabilitation it is necessary to rinse the oral cavity with an aqueous solution of chlorhexidine.
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