Blefaroplasty – the plastic surgery on change of a form of upper/lower eyelids directed on achievement of necessary esthetic result.

The main task – to eliminate surplus of fatty educations and skin. Blefaroplasty helps to get rid of age changes a century, to correct a form and a section of eyes. Blefaroplasty is divided into correction of the upper and lower eyelids, very often these operations are performed at the same time. As a result the look becomes more open and young. Operation miniinvasive, cuts do in the field of natural folds, and after a while, they become absolutely imperceptible. Indications to operation are sagging of a fold of skin of upper eyelids, fatty hernias ("bags" under eyes), surplus of skin in the field of lower eyelids, omission of an external corner of eyes.


  • Blefaroplasty is carried out both under the general, and under local anesthesia.
  • Methods of carrying out operation are defined by the surgeon individually: everything depends on features of the patient and his wishes concerning result.
  • Duration of surgery: 30 min. – 1,5 hours.
  • Stay in hospital: 1 days.


  • After the operation staying in a hospital within a day is recommended. Sutures are removed after 4-6 day period.
  • Bruises and oedema pass within 1,5-2 weeks.
  • It is necessary to protect eyes from direct sunlight during rehabilitation period.
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