Gynecomastia is the excessive development of breast tissue in men, and may occur both with one and with two sides.

And although it is known that gynecomastia can be a symptom of certain diseases and the consequence of taking certain drugs (eg. anabolic steroids), in most cases, the cause of this disease cannot be established. The procedure aimed at the elimination of gynecomastia involves removing breast tissue and excess fatty tissue from the chest area. In extreme cases also shown to remove excess skin to give the correct shapes and proportions of the male breast.

Dr. Redin is adept of the famous school of breast plastic surgery of Nikolay Olegovich Milanov, and uses the experience gained under the guidance of internationally renowned plastic surgeons Jian Farhadi and Artur Vladimirovich Rybakin. For the most thorough comparison of the wound edges a doctor Redin uses a binocular magnifying glass, which is reflected in the quality (stealth) postoperative scar.


  • Eliminating gynecomastia is performed under local anesthesia with sedation or General anesthesia depending on the volume of surgical intervention.
  • Duration of surgery: 1-2 hours.
  • Stay in hospital: few hours - 1 day.


  • After the surgery within a month to avoid strenuous exercise.
  • The final result can be assessed after 3-6 months after the removal of gynecomastia.